"Taking a self-defense class is one of the most positive acts a woman can do for herself!"



NZKM offers the very best effective practical training for women to deal with unwanted, aggressive or violent behaviour.

At NZKM we apply physical and psychological measures and responses that have proven to be the most effective.  The aim is to empower women in the real sense of the definition. To give you the tools to successfully fight off your assailant. 

Our regular courses include the content of:

- fast reaction training, momentum

- strangulation

- groundwork

- escaping from multiple attackers

- awareness of your surroundings

Overall the classes teach and give you the insight of aggressive close contact. Realistic training methods will show you how it feels when someone invades your space and just how to successfully escape from that. Class content covers failures, power of momentum, sound and how to use them to your advantage.


“A good course covers critical thinking about self-defense strategies, assertiveness, powerful communication skills, and easy-to-remember physical techniques. The instructor respects and responds to your fears and concerns.


Instruction is based on proven systems to teach you how to act competent, to be decisive, and how to take action for your own protection in a situation that demand that.


Essentially, a good course is based on intelligence more than muscle. It offers tools that enable you to connect with your own strength and inner power and enables you to walk out empowered."

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