Our goal is to keep on moving!


We are a small fitness studio offering a range of group fitness classes from high intensity to lower impact ones designed for all ages.


With us you will receive a personalised training programme with complimenting eating guidance. We will do our best to ensure you'll get the results you need.

We value our members and are constantly developing and working together for a healthier future and community.

To book appointment with a personal trainer, please contact:

Oz 0274140509

Marama 0274751683

Or send us a email nzkmfitness@gmail.com





We believe everyone should learn self defence.


All our training is practical and immediately applicable to everyday life. Based on the principles of kraal mag and other systems including CQB and Jiu Jitsu. Learn fundamental techniques; awareness, avoidance and de-escalation strategies that are based on modern solutions on today's problems.


Each course we run evolves constantly so you are able to attend to any of them and keep on upskilling constantly. We cover scenarios from random street attacks to domestic violence. These courses are perfect for anyone and any age. Shift workers, hospitality, retail and security to name a few.

At NZKM there is something for everyone. From beginners ( Fundamentals ) to advanced CQT. From young children anti bully ( Krav Kids ) to womens only self defence.

Our mission is to empower you with confidence and courage.

Get in touch with us now to learn more!

NZKM Self Defence Studio

2 Hall Lane, Pukekohe

Oz 0274140509


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