"If it's complicated, it's not self defence."

O.Van 1993



The place where a number of systems come together to ensure you the best self defense training available. Train with people who have actual military and policing experience sharing their expertise. Whether you want to empower yourself, feel safer, grow your skill-base or simply want to try out something new and exciting, you are most welcome to join our community.

"Learning is a process, if you can act accordingly and understand "why", we have done our job."

Classes cater to people from every walk of life and are designed with your needs in mind. Our instructors are skilled and internationally qualified to help you. The nature and skill-sets of our instructors as well as the inclusion of experiential training methods set us apart ensuring your experience with us remains with you.

Training is based on the principles of Krav Maga.

One on One Training


Womens only Self Defence

Corporate Workshops

Industry Specific Training

Specialized Classes

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Oz 0274140509

2 Hall Lane, Pukekohe

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