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We boast some of the best group training around, with personalized attention and motivation to ensure you to get the results you want.


Sub30 Series - Get in, get out in under 30 minutes!


X Circuit:  Functional Fitness based classes designed to offer anyone at any fitness level the best exercises to increase that metabolism while gaining strength and agility.  The best workout you can get in under 30 minutes!

BoxFit: The best BoxFit class in Pukekohe! Our unique boxing pads allows for a fast paced work out that you can punch and kick your way through! Push your anaerobic fitness to the max. Join us at the studio or enjoy them closer to you at one of our Gym 2U locations.

Leg Day: A class specifically designed to improve strength and power in your legs. You'll feel it afterwards.

AMRAP: Achieve the best HIIT can offer in a short time-frame, but ... at your own pace!.  As Many Reps As Possible ... 20 or 30 minutes of High Intensity Training following tried and proven methods!  For those who are keen, escalate your training to Vo2Max or "The Tonne"

Heart Health Challenge: A session to track your cardio fitness. The same workout for a whole term will put your cardio to the test. See improvements in hitting your max heart rate as well as improving your recovery rate. Any member can join!

Weights Circuit: A class designed to offer resistance training to build strength and definition mixing TUT principles using body resistance and equipment.  These classes are scheduled for the Weights Area and and usually run in conjunction with other classes on the mats.  The Circuit is typically designed for 30 Minutes or less.

Mums & Bubs, Walk & Workout: Connect with other mums from the community, complete a 30 minute walk followed by a 20 minute work out. Best way to burn fat and tone up.

BoxFit & Strength Beginner's : Specifically designed classes that gently reintroduce you to functional movement, low impact cardio and weight training to help rebuild muscle. Also suitable for those rehabilitating from an injury. Once you feel confident enough you can start transitioning into our general classes. You choose the timeline!

FightFit: "Timeless" One of the best and most popular workouts, put your body through a combat experience!  Part martial arts, part choreographed sequences set to music, engage your brain as well as your body! 

Self-Managed Workouts:  Come in and set up your own work out or choose from one of ours. Set times available each day, just book in and show up! Enquire about applying for one of theses spots.