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The home of fun, functional & sustainable fitness

NZKM Fitness

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We boast some of the best group training around, small classes with personalized attention and motivation to ensure you to get the results you want.

Best of all our classes are 30 minutes or less - get in, get out in under 30 minutes - NZKM Fitness is about fitting fitness into your life in a sustainable way!!

Enjoy the huge array of benefits that regular exercise brings to your life:

“Happy hormones” for mood improvement

Muscle building that is essential for good mobility later in life

Cardiovascular fitness to help reduce cholesterol and risk of heart disease

Functional:  Functional exercise classes designed to offer anyone at any fitness level the best exercises to increase that metabolism while gaining strength and agility.  The best workout you can get in under 30 minutes!

UpLift Weights (40+):  Specifically designed for 40+ these classes help with fat loss, muscle gain and bone density - perfect to counteract muscle loss as we grow older. Every day is an achievable, no impact, all over workout. Each series lasts four week/a month. 

Strength:  Each week is a different workout that works the entire body, improving strength and definition. These classes offer lots of variation and the opportunity to challenge yourself.

Work out of the month: Every month offers a new, challenging workout! Each week you complete the same workout and track your progress over the month. Our clients have a love/hate relationship with these sessions!

BoxFit: The best BoxFit class in Pukekohe! Our unique boxing pads allows for a fast paced work out that you can punch and kick your way through! Push your anaerobic fitness to the max. 

Circuit Station will be one of the following, depending on the day:

Weights Circuit: A class designed to offer resistance training to build strength and definition mixing TUT principles using body resistance and equipment.  These classes are scheduled for the Weights Area and usually run in conjunction with our kids classes on the mats.  


X Circuit:  A timed circuit where you can work you set the pace! Blast your metabolism with a variety of exercises that challenge your muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Weights Area Open:  Come in and set up your own work out or choose from one of ours. Set times available each day, just book in and show up! Enquire about applying for one of theses spots.​

FightFit: "Timeless" One of the best and most popular workouts, put your body through a combat experience!  Part martial arts, part choreographed sequences set to music, engage your brain as well as your body! (Personal training only)


Personal Training

"Being challenged is a good thing."

NZKM Fitness

What are your Personal Training expectations?

Whatever your expectations, we are here to help.  Whether you are recovering from an injury or medical procedure, or preparing for a sporting event we will help get you there.

Book your free consult and experience the difference.  Ask about our uniquely licensed habit forming programme SHOTTM and find out how it will help you achieve sustainable goals where others fail.

Personal Training


Get in shape in no time! With a professional personal trainer who will help you to reach your goals.

30, 45 or 60 minute individually tailored sessions that can include:

Nutritional planning and support

(C-Shot proprietary habit programme

Tailored training program incl. rehabilitation

Motivation and support

Access to effective group fitness classes

Private gym at your disposal

Fitness adapted fight based training available

Isometric exercise, plyometric, amrap, high intensity interval training and steady state cardio coaching

Sports based preparation.

Access to our group fitness classes

What can you expect when choosing to train at NZKM?


Working together towards reaching your goals that will enable you to live a lifestyle that is both sustainable and enjoyable. We are here to develop these training methods around your life and get you results you want to live by.

Whether you are looking to increase your power output in your sports, or you simply want to look and feel better, to have more energy with your kids, we are here to help you to achieve that."

1st assessment and full consultation is free.


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