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August 2021

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NZKM Pokeno

Under cover at Pokeno Primary School

Pokeno Outdoor Classes

We're excited to offer these half hour group fitness classes in this new location. Fun and active, these classes will challenge you.

Wednesday 540pm!

Ring Marama on 0274751683 to book

NZKM Pukekohe

2 Hall Lane Pukekohe Town Centre.

Parents Circuit

With a return to regular classes our Weights Circuit (Parents Circuit) group classes are back up and running while the KravKids classes are on.

Tuesday and Thursday 630PM

AMRAP and The Tonne!!!

T20 and 30 Minute AMRAP Sessions are available throughout the week culminating in the Tonne ... on Sunday Mornings (unless re-scheduled due to other commitments.  Following age old physical exercises coupled with mental toughness, these military principles will get anyone to their ultimate fitness level.

Mums and Bubs

Friday 1030am is a great opportunity for those new mums to bring their wee humans and enjoy a tailored workout.  Always popular ... Call Marama to book.

NZKM Close Quarter Tactics




August 2021

NZKM Pukekohe

2 Hall Lane Pukekohe Town Centre.

Women's Self Defense

Woohoo, welcome back ladies!

And it's going to be an absolute blast.

Starting Tuesday 17th August 730pm to 9pm with kicking striking and heaps of other combatives ...

Into the following Saturday (21st August) for the workshop part of programme.

Cost is $50 for both days.

Book as early as possible!

Get hold of Oz on 0274140509 to secure your spot and receive payment instructions.











Call/Text Oz for any information or concerns on: 

KravKids and Teens Self Defense

YAY!  26th July meant the return to the regular sessions for both our Kids and Teens classes.  Truly a great skill for any of our youngsters to learn.  


Tuesday and Thursday 630pm to 715pm

Teens Self Defence

Monday 7pm and Wednesday 6pm

Defensive Tactics.

We will be running Integrated CAR, Fairbairn Sykes and KM IDF tactics.  Retention through to Room Clearing.

Sunday regularly!  watch out for the August dates..

Contact Oz for more details on


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