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Teen Self Defence

NZKM's Teen Self Defence programs not only empower teens to defend themselves against physical attacks, it also has far reaching and diverse benefits in their everyday lives. Hard work, loyalty, patience, as well as self-confidence are all important values and principles taught in our classes. Self defence training can help reduce stress and control aggressions and help teens overcome both physical and mental challenges.

Of course, physical self-defense is always a last resort! We teach our teens how to defuse potentially dangerous situations in a number of ways. Unfortunately, it is a very real possibility that they may need to physically defend themselves. We want to help prepare them for any potential scenario.

Krav Maga Kids

NZKM's KravKids program is entirely designed to help kids navigate complexities in a modern world.

"What we do is not a martial art, it is a system designed specifically for self defense.  To this end, we are committed to make sure that the system helps to achieve our objectives."

Strong, Confident Kids

All of our training and courses are a direct reflection of the community, the world we live in.

The KravKids Anti Bullying programs have also come about due to a growing need.  Although we'd all rather feel our kids not need some basic skills to help protect them from others, the unfortunate reality is different. 

National statistics on bullying in the community, including our schools shows a rise in occurrences disproportionately high to the growth in population.  














And there are both short term as well as longer term consequences.

Auckland University's associate professor, adolescent health researcher and peadiatrician Dr Simon Denny states that:

"Young people who are bullied have behavioural and emotional health problems from that experience that travel with them so it's an issue we need to address"

What NZKM KravKids is all about.

There is a widely held misconception that this is all about the "moves" or "techniques".  The reality is different.  We aim to achieve empowerment. Self Defence is just a vehicle to achieve that, and as it happens a very useful one.

As violence is always the last resort, our training aims to help kids avoid bullying, and particularly violence through their own behavioural changes. We then have active tactics including assertive behaviours both verbal and non-verbal to provide our kids with the tools to de-escalate situations as early as possible.

In the end however, we need to grow their confidence through a process of preparation. And this means class interactions that simulate aggression and violence with a view to achieving empowerment by practicing solutions.

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